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Manage your airline with myAirline

Pilot Welcome to myAirline. The free browsergame that will test your skill in managing a virtual airline. You will be buying aircraft and fuel, selecting the air routes you think will make your airline prosper. Hire the most talented pilots, give them aircrafts to fly and collect the money. Will you become the king of the sky among all other airlines?

Community and entertainment

The community is the strong point of our game. Play with us and you will be competing against other users, you will have to partecipate auctions to get air routes and aircrafts. In the forum our staff will give you the help you may need to make your way in myairline's world. What are you waiting for? register now, read carefully the game rules and have fun with us

New airports in China

10/10/2014 13:05
183 new airports in the China:
  1. 6 International Airports
  2. 35 National Airports
  3. 142 Local Airports
A special thanks to Fegatto for cooperation.

New airports in Russian Federation

06/10/2014 15:54
188 new airports in the Russian Federation:
  1. 4 International Airports
  2. 40 National Airports
  3. 144 Local Airports
A special thanks to Fegatto for cooperation.

Models limited edition

22/04/2014 10:36
Tupolev - TU-144 (cat. H) Edizione Limitata: solo 15 only available

Aérospatiale-BAC - Concorde (cat. H): only 15 available

New Models

02/07/2013 10:41
myAirline's Staff decided to introduce new models of planes:
  1. General Avia - F.22-B Pinguino (cat. A)
  2. Aircraft Spruce & Speciality Co. - Cozy MK IV (cat. B)
  3. Let Aircraft - L-200 Morava (cat. C)
  4. Morane-Saulnier - MS.760 Paris II (cat. D)
  5. Handley Page - HP.137 - Jetstream (cat. E)
  6. British Aerospace - Jetstream 41 (cat. F)
  7. Bombardier - DHC 8-300 (cat. G)
  8. Airbus - A330-300 (cat. H)
  9. Boeing - B777-300ER (cat. J)

Round trip flight

03/06/2013 10:23
An important change is active from today: the round trip flight! When you book a commission you'll have the chance (if any) to take over at once both the outward and return. Basically, round trip flights are available when in the second airport there is a flight that brings you back to the first airport. Clearly the fees for arrival will differ from those for the return, so the aircraft that you0re going to use has to be eligible to complete both flights.

When you book a round trip flight you have to do a discount to the customer. The amount of a commission earned from the round trip will be the sum of the first amount and the second amount reduced of:
  1. 5% on local flights
  2. 7.5% on domestic flights
  3. 10% on international flights
There will also be the disadvantage of a boarding time longer between the outward and return equal to 4 times compared to the normal boarding time (e.g.: for national flights it is 40 minutes).

FAQ Round trip

Can I refuel between the outward and the return?
No, you must be sure that the fuel in your plane is sufficient for both flights.

Can I cancel the return flight?
Yes, in that case you will pay only the cancellation of the return flight, while the first one will be regularly cashed.

What happens if I cancel the outward flight or the aircraft is not eligible to complete it?
The return flight will be cancelled too, so you'll have to pay the penalty for both flights.

What happens to the aircraft if it is not eligible to complete the return flight?
The only return flight will be cancelled so you will have to pay only the relative penalty.

myAirline news

22/03/2015 11:22 - Tra ieri sera e stamattina ci sono stati alcuni problemi sul server che sono stati risolti. # Between last night and this morning there were some problems on the server that have been resolved. # Entre anoche y esta mañana había algunos problemas en el servidor que se han resuelto.
09/02/2015 16:30 - Domani martedi 10 Febbraio è previsto un intervento sul server alle ore 11:00. Impiegherà circa 1 ora salvo complicazioni. - Tomorrow Tuesday February 10th is scheduled to speak at 11:00 am on the server. Will take about 1 hour unless complications. - Mañana Martes 10 de febrero está programado para hablar a las 11:00 am en el servidor. Se llevará a cerca de 1 hora a menos complicaciones.
09/02/2015 14:37 - Oggi per qualche ora si è verificato un problema sul server. Il problema è stato risolto ma è possibile che occorra fare una manutenzione straordinaria per qualche ora nei prossimi giorni. Today, for a few hours is a problem on the server. The problem was solved, but you may need to make an extraordinary maintenance for a few hours in the coming days. Hoy en día, por un par de horas es un problema en el servidor. El problema se resolvió, pero puede que tenga que hacer un mantenimiento extraordinario por unas horas en los próximos días.